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Jun 15, 2015
Hey guys,

PGY2 here. I've been using Uptodate and Journals to study but I want to start using MKSAP which would be more standardized for the boards. I'm having trouble deciding between MKSAP 17 or 18.

I emailed ACP:
MKSAP 18 Part A, which includes CV, Derm, Hem/Onc, Neuro, Rheum, and GI, will be published July 31, 2018. Part B, which includes Endo, ID, Neph, GIM, and Pulmonary will published December 31, 2018. Digital versions will be published one month after the print publishes for each Part.

I don't think I want to wait that long for MKSAP 18.

Does anyone know if MKSAP 17 would be "up to date" for ABIM Boards in 2019?
Any other study material suggestions?

Thanks :)


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Apr 20, 2011
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Yes, I believe MKSAP continues to release updates for 1 year after the newest version comes out.
I would strongly recommend buying MKSAP 17 now. If you are a digital person and want the digital version only, you should buy the complete set and sell the print edition + board basics for ~$300. That way, you get the digital version for only $200! (vs. $350)


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Aug 23, 2007
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The 0.5% differnce b/w editions won't make a difference. Just focus on the other 99.5.

The ABIM exam is, I think, based on the year of Residency so further reason to not buy the latest edition.
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