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Dec 25, 2008
Hi all,

A couple of quick pointers regarding contacting moderators and reporting problematic posts:

*If you have any questions or requests for the mods (e.g., wanting a thread merged or closed, a thread title changed, general SDN questions, etc), please PM me or AcronymAllergy. All requests may not be honored, but they will be considered and probably discussed with the SDN mod team. To PM people under the new forum format, click on their username, and then click "start a conversation."

*If you see a post that is against TOS (e.g., spam, flaming, trolling, etc), click the "report" link at the bottom of the post to bring it to the attention to the SDN mod team.

I try to keep a close eye on most threads here, but we are both busy grad students, so if you guys could help keep us in the loop regarding any issues, questions, that'd be very much appreciated.

Thanks! :)
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