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Apr 19, 2000
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So this is a call out there to anyone who has completed their MSO and moved for the last time. I recall hearing that the military will move you one final time at their expense. Can this be anywhere in the lower 48? So I came up on active duty in South Florida and now live in the gulf coast and will be moving up north to start civilian residency in 2011. Will the Navy pay for my move even if it is further than where I was when I started my active duty service?

Also, anyone aware of current military programs for those of us who lost our ***** in the housing market? The value of my home has plummeted and I recall a government program for this but I think it expired already. Thoughts.




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Dec 9, 2004
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The military will pay for you to return to your home of record, by which I mean the location from which you entered active duty. If your domicile has changed since that time, it doesn't matter. If you want to move somewhere other than your home of record, they will do that if the cost is less than or equal to that of moving to your home of record. If you want to be relocated to a spot more expensive for the government, then I believe you can pay the difference.

There was a special part of the stimulus bill that extended the Homeowners' Assistance Program for active duty personnel who were forced to PCS. There are a number of qualifications, but the most relevant were that 1) you either bought or had a contract on your home before 1 July 2006 and 2) your orders to PCS are dated no later than 30 September 2010. The original HAP is for federal employees affected by base closures.