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Aug 3, 2011
Fellow [Any Field]
I've been following some of your threads about the MA, MS and MFT and which universities have good programs. What do you all think about the MS in Applied Psychology at Sacred Heart University? I've looked on their website and have been considering it, but am not confident that I could find a job after completing this degree.

What are your thoughts?

I'm currently in an MBA in Marketing program and am really scared about job prospects after graduation. I have to switch.

I'm considering anything in the health field that includes counseling, nursing, and diet/nutrition. My main goal is to do family training in everyday life programs to help families communicate better with each other. Any feedback is welcome.


5+ Year Member
Jul 31, 2011
Other Health Professions Student
Do you mean this program? http://www.sacredheart.edu/pages/32077_applied_psychology.cfm

Personally, I am suspicious of any human-services-field degree that will allow you the option to complete your qualifications entirely online. You must be introduced to new ways of experiencing, developing, and honing your people skills to work in this field. It's just necessary. You could earn a Masters in Computer Science (for example) entirely online, but not in Counseling or Psychology.

To be clear, it does appear that Sacred Heart also offers in-person classes, though.
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