MSW Fall 2020 at USC or NYU?


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May 27, 2020
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    I recently graduated with a BA in Psych. I was originally planning on pursuing a PhD or PsyD in clinical psych but have since re-evaluated things and decided to pursue an MSW (to become an LCSW). I am more interested in clinical experience than research at this point in my life, although I could see myself going back for a PsyD later on.

    Anyway, I was accepted to MSW programs at USC, NYU, and Columbia. I ruled out Columbia because I didn't receive any financial aid, and their program was more policy-based. However, it's been such a difficult decision to choose between NYU and USC... I'm originally from NJ, so NYC would be more convenient. However, USC offered me a bit more money. Plus, my partner will be relocating to LA after graduation, and it'd be great to finally live together after 3 years of long distance. Both programs appear to have a clinical focus, anyway, so I'm pretty set on USC.

    People who recently attended USC for their MSW:

    Would you be able to offer me any insights into the quality of the program? I've read some very mixed reviews... Do you feel that it prepared you well for clinical work and that there are good job prospects in LA? How were your internship placements?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post!
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    Dec 4, 2014
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      In some cases states might have different requirements for licensure so it is helpful (depending on the state, not universally true) to go to school in the state in which you are located. do you know if you could get in-state tuition if you deferred for a year and lived there? Post-graduation debt is not fun (or so I've heard/seen from my colleagues anyway).
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