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    (My apologies if you saw this question on the MSW forum)

    My girlfriend is interested in pursuing a MSW in the NY/NJ/Philly/Boston areas (roughly, the 'Northeast). She is also starting to look into dual-degree programs combining the MSW with JD.

    We did a bit of due diligence and discovered MSW/JD programs offered in said region at NYU, Columbia, Fordham, Rutgers, Stony Brook, Yeshiva, Penn, BC, and BU.

    Responses, insights, perspectives to any of the below questions will be appreciated:

    1) Is anyone currently enrolled in a MSW/JD program at any of the aformentioned programs, or does anyone know of others in such programs?

    2) What do graduates of MSW/JD programs pursue, and how different is it from having just an MSW (of course, no one needs another degree above and beyond a terminal degree like the MSW, but is there a concrete difference in potential post-grad opportunities)?

    I would imagine that there are definite overlaps between aspects of social work and the legal field, but concrete examples of real MSW/JD grads (read: real people, instead of so-called synergies advertised on school websites and brochures) would be more credible... thanks.

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