Aug 23, 2015
After reading over several threads in this subforum, I think I am starting to understand the type of jobs available to MSWs. However, I am unclear over how available certain jobs are. For example, how easy is it out of a strong MSW program with a heavy clinical focus to get a position that will give you the supervised hours necessary to become a LCSW? What positions are generally taken to fulfill the requirement?

In addition, I'm curious about the availability of roles similar to what @pingouin outlined in another MSW thread:

That's really tricky, since it depends on what kind of work that social worker is doing. To run you through a typical Monday/Wednesday for me- class from 9:30-10:45 (med school-related), to my office by 11:30 or 12, see anywhere between 2-6 clients and out the door by 7pm. When I have fewer clients, I can catch up on paperwork, billing, phone calls, etc. We don't have an office manager, so I do everything myself. I use my cell as my primary contact phone number. I'm willing to accept/return calls until about 9pm. There are a few people for whom I will take after-hours calls due to a pre-arranged agreement with them about under what circumstances they may/may not call. It's amazing how that does not get abused.

At one hospital where I'm 2 days/week, I attend interdisciplinary rounds in the morning for my service, do 1:1s with the patients on my service, 1:1 or 1:2s with their parents, call their outpatient providers to coordinate care, organize outpatient referrals for discharge, facilitate transfer to behavioral health programs (IOP, PHP, inpatient, residential), check insurance benefits, check in with outpatient clinic patients (former inpatients), attend social work staff meetings, arrange housing and meal assistance for out-of-town families, and am in the process of creating a spreadsheet of every referral that I have ever used so that whoever takes my place has access to all of that. Every once in a while I get a request to see someone off my service, but that's rare because of my limited hours.

At the other hospital, I work in the ER and my primary role is in child protection- however on the weekend, we're the only person in-house so we cover EVERYTHING. We do forensic interviews with children and adolescents when they are brought in for suspected physical or sexual abuse or neglect. This is a lot of coordination with DFS and the police, along with our medical staff. We get called to every Trauma STAT, Major, and Minor, and are the liaison between the medical team and the family, including chaperoning the family into the trauma room to observe if they would like to go in (and are emotionally capable of dealing with seeing that). We're in charge of dealing with families during deaths- managing who can come back to see the body, taking handprints and hair samples for the family to keep, calling the Medical Examiner's office, assisting in initiating funeral arrangements. We're required to see every GSW and ingestion, and burns if they're suspicious. SW determines if any patients require visitor restriction, are used to assist with disruptive family members, can assist with housing, prescription, transportation, or meal assistance as appropriate, and provide supportive counseling to patients and families as needed.
The ability to perform multiple roles in this manner is very appealing to me. How easy would it be to get something like this? Do the majority of LCSWs get pigeonholed into only doing therapy?

Thanks for the help. I'm trying to decide between clinical PhD programs and MSW programs with a heavy clinical focus, and any information on job outcomes helps.
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Sep 29, 2015
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i notice that there have been someone who have raised questions similar to yours. you may go to the post by NIKKI7777.and there are dozens of replies,so i guess you may get some information you want if you move to that post.and best luck