mt sinai vs nyu

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Jan 22, 2004
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what do people think are the pros and cons of mt sinai vs nyu? are they pretty much equal schools or does one have a better rep in terms of residency matching, board scores, hospitals, etc? what about students and social lives? ive been searching past threads but can't really find anything comparing the two (ok i honestly didn't look that hard but i'm lazy so if anyone has any opinions i'd greatly appreciate it!).

i hope people don't think this is an obnoxious just a terrible decision maker (and rather uninformed about this stuff) so ANY thoughts you might have on the subject will be welcomed. right now i am totally lost.

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nyu is a better choice.
I'm not sure about the preceding writer's reasoning, but I'm a Sinai 2nd-year and I'm getting a great education with a great class. Our last match was superb and our board scores were at record highs.

I like NYU, too, so you can't go wrong either way.
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actually, last year's match list was good but far from superb.
from the looks of the two schools, i must admit that sinai seems to have the edge on student satisfaction: all the people i know there absolutely love their school_ very laid back and solid curriculum.
all my friends at nyu on the other hand are not as happy_ they're more stressed, less enthusiastic about their education and experiences during the first two years _ (usually typical of traditional curriculums).

on the other hand, i must admit that while sinai has a very respectable match list, nyu's is much more impressive_ particularly with respect to surgery and surgical specialties. i hate to admit it, but nyu's list is damn good for a school ranked so comparatively low.

knowing what i do now, i say residency reputation is far and away the most important single factor in deciding on a med school (particularly when location is the same_ as is the case with your dilemma).

i say go through a more miserable first two years at nyu_ you'll be thankful later.
I would say go with NYU....

NYU has GREAT residency programs and they LOVE when their students stay at the institution for post-grad training.... And their programs are ranked well.... Surgery is tops there and Rads....
my two cents here...i am a 3rd year student at NYU and i have been very happy with the school. i was not miserable during the first 2 years and my classmates have been and continue to be excellent. my social life was great during the preclinical years as well. plus now we get to work at bellevue, which is a definite plus for the school. i can't say anything about sinai other than most of those i know who have been there were very impressed.

i'm not sure if i should comment on NYU's "comparatively low rank" other than to say that once you start medical school (be it at NYU, sinai, or elesewhere), you will probably quickly forget about med school rankings completely.

this probably won't help your decision much but i just wanted to let you know how my experience has been at NYU so far. good luck-