I was wondering if AMCAS allows you to send multiple packets with overlap of some authors.

For example.

Packet 1: Dr. Doe, Dr. Smith, Dr. Johnson

Packet 2: Dr. Doe, Dr. Smith, Dr. Rogers

Packet 3: Dr. Doe, Dr. Smith, Dr. Page

My school "WILL NOT" send individual letters and will only send letters as a packet. Consequently, since I want certain letters to go to certain schools my only recourse seems to be to send multiple packets. Is this allowed?


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Jun 2, 2009
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I asked my advisor a similar question and she said to send all the letter to every school and let them figure out which ones they want. I feel like that would piss people off but maybe not since some secondaries have a section where you list who they should expect letters from.
I suppose another option is if you have an people who have yet to give your school their letters, have them send it straight into AMCAS instead.