MWU Biomedical Science Experience

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Nov 25, 2006
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Hello everyone,

I have been researching past threads about Midwestern University's Biomedical Science program in Arizona, but I did not exactly find what I was looking for so I hope people can help me on SDN please. For students in the Biomedical Science program, I was hoping you could please share your experiences in the program by addressing the following:

1. How was your overall experience at MWU BMS? Would you recommend the program to others?
2. How would you describe the faculty? Were they helpful in your understanding of the material and were they accessible?
3. I know the BMS is on a quarter system, was it manageable for you to study and yet have time to work out and have a social life?
4. For the new MA program, do you think the curriculum and workload is doable in one academic year and worth $28,499?
5. What are the pros and cons of attending this program?
6. Where would you recommend living in Glendale? Do you have any recommendations of apartment complexes or even house rentals?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer in advance.

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cmon anyone? I need to know the same things!
Does anyone have information that they share from their experience, it would greatly be appreciated.
The following was already posted on other thread.
In case you haven't read this.
I am also pre-dent and will be Glendale starting in Aug.

I am currently a 1st year MBS student at Midwestern.

1) The Pros and Cons of their program (structure of the program, learning environment, cost, location, faculty, classes, difficulty, competitiveness, other students, buildings/classrooms/facilities, etc..)

The campus is very nice and well situated. There are a lot of different programs here: MBS, DO, PA, Dental (this year), Pharm, etc...

Classes are taken with different programs. Our Physiology class was with PA's and some others, our Biochem was with Pharmacy, and later on I think we have classes with DO's as well.

The faculty, on the whole, is very good. Although there are some professors that *no one* likes, the advisors in particular are extremely friendly and approachable. They know your goal and want to see you succeed.

2) The kinds of classes you've taken and a description.

The basic classes for 1st year MBS include: Biochem (3.5 units), Physio (4), Histo (2), Immuno (2), Research (3). People tend to do worse in Physio and Histo. Research class is where we decide on our thesis and learn the various steps. There are several electives such as: MCAT prep, Biophysics, Epidemiology, Virology, etc. I heard some tend to be easier than others, such as Epidemiology. Most kids that were in it got 100% overall scores.

3) Something they wished they knew coming into the program

To be honest, nothing really came as a shock to me. The schedule was released early, orientation was overly long and thorough. I really wish I got on campus housing though, but I got a great deal that worked out in my favor. Some of my classmates got pretty crappy deals though.

4) Something they would like to tell incoming students about your program

It is absolutely shocking to me that some people in this program (and others I assume) still do not understand that this is basically the *last shot*. Some students, it seems, just do not really care and it shows in their grades. One student has already dropped our program after performing poorly. It is not that it is too hard a program if you put the effort into it; as there are several kids that are way ahead of everyone else in terms of seriousness and overall drive for success.

5) Tips for students applying to your program

Probably just do it early? Dr. Bell will call you for an interview over the phone; and, just be honest. He is very upfront and does not go in circles.

6) Did it help you get into medical school/dental school/etc.?

I just finished the 1st quarter here (like I finished my last final 2 hours ago), so no, not yet. However, the linkage program is extremely strong; as you need a 3.0 and a 26(?) MCAT to be guarenteed an interview. This is a DO school, but the policy applies to dental, PA, pharm, etc. If it is any help, my advisor told me to apply for this upcoming cycle if i was hellbent on being a DO at AZCOM since he saw my GPA for this quarter and knew that I could get in.

7) Anything else you'd like to add

Nice and quiet and overall studious school. I have enjoyed my first quarter tremendously and did just as well as I always knew I was capable of.

Please, make sure you know what you are getting into. You have to put the effort in if you want to do well! Yes, it sucks when you see fellow classmates going out every Fri/Sat/Sun night, but getting 100%'s on tests makes up for it.

8) A rating from 1-5 (1 being the worst (no recommendation) to 5 (full recommendation)

5..... 5+++ if you know you want to be a DO.