My ADAT experience

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I gave my ADAT two weeks ago, and got my results today. Since I foraged this site for tips before I gave the exam, thought I'd share my two cents.

Time I took to prepare: I gave it in the summer break after my third year. I had a little over 2 weeks, of which I seriously studied for a week at most. I tried to go over Data Interpretation (devoted around 2 days) and Biomedical Sciences(since I was very uncomfortable with the material)

Study aids: ADAT Knockout- that’s what I mainly went through. Due to the paucity of time, I went over only 3 of the 5 practice tests. Overall, I found it to be very helpful, and I supplemented this with some First Aid for the NBDE Part 1. Any concept I didn't understand, I tried to look up. I tend to do better with textbooks rather than QA type material, so I also went to the library and looked up the Biostatistics sections of the USMLE Step 1 books, which helped me grasp the concepts in a structured manner.

The test day: I certainly did not use all the allotted time for the Biomedical sciences and the clinical sections. The Data Interpretation was hardest for me. Considering my lack of preparation, I expected to do quite poorly.

Results: Results came in 14 days after I took the test. Overall: 620 (95th Percentile) Biomedical Sciences: 640 (94th percentile), Clinical Sciences: 600 (92nd percentile) , Data,Research Interpretation: 630 (90th percentile)

Overall: I definitely did a lot better than I thought. I seriously considered cancelling the test a few days before the exam, but since the fee is non-refundable I went ahead and gave it.

I'd be happy to answer any questions here!

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Congrats! great scores! My question would be if you were to do it again, what would be your ideal recipe? Time-wise as well. Thanks!
I honestly think time-wise 3-4 weeks of concentrated study would suffice. I couldn’t go over all the ADAT knockout questions, and I know that the resource was very helpful.
Resource wise, I think I’d stick to the same stuff I used. Some USMLE books to read about the biostatistics, and the ADAT knockout for practice. I did try to go over Biomedical sciences from the First Aid, but I wouldn’t recommend this.
I haven’t used any other materials I could recommend, but what I did use worked nicely for me.
Also, I’m sure giving it after the part 2 (or around the time you’re preparing for that) would help.
It’s a bit of an odd exam, and I really don’t think it’s a good measure of a student’s knowledge considering it is impossible to get into much detail with how short the exam is.
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What’s ur thoughts on taking the ADAT for gpr and aegd programs? And right after part 2