My Expreience with DAT Destroyer

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Feb 7, 2007
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I have been reading this forum for a while since last summer. I finally decided to register to be more active on this website and wanted to share my experience with DAT Destoryer since some of you are very skeptical.

Well, I took my DAT last october and got AA 18 and PAT 19 which is not very hot after studying with KAPLAN online course (which I paid $1000). Right before I took the DAT I bought the Destroyer and did not have enough time to go over everything. After I took the DAT, I realized that if I had more time with the Destroyer I could have done so much better.

I am planning to retake the DAT at the end of this month. I found out that the Destroyer had updated more questions since last October so I contacted Nancy if I could get the updated questions. She right away sent me all the updated questions (more than 100 questions) and called me twice for the last two weeks to see if I need any help. Yesterday I called and left a message if I could talk to Dr. Romano. They called me back this morning and Dr. Romano went over some Bio and Gen Chem questions with me over the phone. He is calling me back this Friday night so we can go over more questions. I only paid $150 for the book but the service that came along is invaluable. I don't know any DAT prep-course or book that you could actually talk to the author over and over again and get updated information/questions without paying any extras. :) BTW, I called the Kaplan online if I can use the online course again which they promised. They told me I have to pay another $300 to use their service again. :(

For those of you who just started studying for DAT, I would recommend 3 things for stuidng the DAT:
#1 Kaplan Bluebook ($45 ?)from a bookstore (online course is waste of money)
- for a good foundation knowledge. It also has practice tests & some PAT tips in a CD with the book.

#2 DAT Destroyer ($150)
- It is a book that contains more than 100 questions each for Bio, Gen Chem, Organic, and QR. Some of these questions are very tricky and designed for DAT specifically unlike Kaplan or other review books that use the same material for MCAT.
- After doing these questions you will learn how to avoid trap or tricky questions in Science section and what to study specifically for the science section.
- Dr. Romano is a great help going over any questions you are stuck with. He is even calling me Friday night. Who would do that for you?

#3 Top Score or Achiever from online ($50 each)
- so you know how to pace your time and to practice as you are taking a real DAT

I think the rest of the game is how well you manage your time studying for DAT. I am not promoting the DAT Destroyer but I just wanted to share my honest experience for people who are skeptical and saying things without ever using the book. It is another DAT study source that will help you greatly if you want to do well in science section. The choice is upto you.
Dr. Romano even asked me if I am using any other books and I told him I am using Kaplan bluebook and Topscore. He told me those are great sources. I hope sharing my experience helps someone.

Good luck studying DAT and I wish everyone here the best!:luck:


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Aug 30, 2006
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My experience was similar, if not almost identical to yours...took the Kaplan course (they told me it was enough to do well) and got 17AA...didn't get accepted anywhere.

The second time I used Destroyer, Achiever, and Topscore and earned an AA of 21. These three resources are invaluable, but in my opinion, Destroyer prepared me the most.

- Dude