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My Kaplan Experience A Must Read!!!!


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Feb 7, 2004
NEW YORK- Youngstown OH -6/2008
    Here Is My Opinion On The 5 Mnths I Did At Kaplan. The Videos Were Poorly Done And Will Not Prove To Be Of Any Help For The Exam. However If You Can Make Some Type Of Connection With An Employee There Who Will Let You Do The U.sm.l.e. Step One Videos They Are The Greatest In Your Effort To Building A Base For You. You Must Look At The Usmle Work Sheet For Video And Pick Out Only The Videos That Cover Our Basic Sciences Or At Most There Areas Where You Are Week.

    Also Get A Group Together If You Can And Study Half The Time With A Group And Half The Time On Your Own . In The Group I Would Recomend That You Study Only Questions Together. I Was Lucky Enough To Study With 4 Others Retaking The Test And We Did Nothing But Questions. We Went Through Each And Evry Question Together In Subejects Until All The Questions Were Done We Did Not Mix Up The Subjects.

    If You Cant Get Into A Group Or Dont Have The Funds To Do Kaplan . You Will Be Just Fine Buying The Book 2005 Edition.

    You Can Pass This Exam With 6 Mnths Preperation Using:

    1. Kaplan 2005 Book
    2. Dental Decks
    3. Exams
    4. Usmle First Aid
    5. Group Studing

    You Must Study Every Day Even If You Work And Just Review What You Did On Your Days Off. This Is A Must. Be Calculative Break Down Your Days And You Studying Hours And Just Start To Chip Away.

    It Is True That I Did Not Get A Great Score But When I Passed I Went Up:

    1. 5 Pts. In Micro /path
    2. 19 Pts In Bio/physio
    3. 24 Pts In Anatomical Sciences

    These Are The Hardest Subjects.

    So You See It Does Work This Plan.

    Have Faith In The Exam Questions There Are A Lot Of Repeats.
    Remember Each Exam Is A Random Exam So You Will Get Either A Good Exam Or A Bad Exam. There Is No Substitute For Not Doing The Work Or Cutting Coners.

    Give Me Feed Back And Let Me Know If You All Agree.

    God Bless And Good Luck

    - Bill Fixensmiles01


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    Oct 11, 2005
    1. Attending Physician
      hi Bill,

      I have been reading ur posts from 2 months now.u inspired me a lot.I work 6 days a week.I did not start reading yet.I want to take part1 in Jan 2nd wee.I get a decent 6hrs( 5-7a.m and 8-12p.m) per day for studying.

      I want to know from you ,whether going through the USMLE videos alone(with the kaplan material for reference) for biochem and physiology would be enough to answer the q papers on biochem and physiology.

      Which other USMLE videos are helpful.I have Decks and q papers too.

      Please advise



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      May 2, 2004
        jadent said:
        hi Bill,

        I my friend have 98 average he only did Kaplan book and decks but he has a solid bacground before Those poeple who has phd they really should help I did check with him and have very good score in school basic science hedid told me kwon the decks by heart,,,va


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        Nov 3, 2003
          Hey Bill and Pendejodo: Hope you had a nice Thansgiving....I just wanted to ask if you read Kaplan book completely....I am trying but it is exhausting!!!! or did you use it as a reference text only?
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