My OAT Breakdown and Advice - AA: 360 TS: 380 Bio: 400 Chem: 390 Orgo: 370 Comp: 370 Physics: 330 QR: 310

Ahmad Albzour

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Jun 10, 2023
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Hello guys. I just took the OAT on May 25th and I scored really well! I was going to take the OAT in April but I thought I wasn’t prepared enough and I didn’t get much time to study because I was finishing up my last semester of undergrad. Below is a complete breakdown of everything that I used and my test scores.

Study materials I used

OATBooster 10/10
This was the primary resource I used. The questions on the practice tests were very representative of what I saw on the actual OAT and they were a little bit harder which is good because that prepared me better for the actual test. Booster offered comprehensive videos and notes which covered everything that showed up on my exam. The organic chemistry videos were phenomenal and simplified everything that you needed to know. I highly suggest that you watch every video for orgo. The only thing I wish OATBooster had more of was physics practice problems with more videos that went more in-depth into the material. Also, I felt that the physics videos were slightly lacking because it only covered Physics 1, but the notes were really good. I also wish that there were solution videos on the practice tests for physics. On some of the practice tests, especially the biology ones, there were quite a few repeat questions on the actual OAT which I found to be super helpful.

Chad’s Videos 8.5/10
I only used these videos for some physics topics that weren't on Booster. They were okay but there are better resources in my opinion.

OAT Bootcamp
I used the free full-length exam which got me one more practice run before the actual test. The test was pretty representative and had good explanations.

Organic Chemistry tutor
I used his videos to go over some reaction mechanisms that were difficult for me to understand like the aldol condensation and Diels-alder reaction. I also used his physics videos on topics that I struggled with and he is really good at explaining the concepts and providing a method for solving various problems.

Official OAT Sample Test
I took this at the end so I can get an accurate score for the real thing. It is a good practice test that is the most representative of the actual OAT. There were also a couple of repeats.

How I prepared
I started preparing for the OAT early February by taking the free Kaplan diagnostic test (got a 300). In total, I spent about 3.5 months preparing for the OAT while following my own schedule based on what I was weak on. I spent about 4-6 hours per day initially going through the content and then I spent about 8 hours a day the month before the test to hammer down all the problems. I took a practice test every other week on the same day and time I was going to take the actual test and I started taking 2 practice tests a week the last 3 weeks before the test. I feel like I could have studied QR more and I wish I did more physics problems but I only got to complete the ones on Booster.

After every practice test, I would thoroughly go over every single question and take notes on what I missed. I divided questions into categories: 1) questions that I knew but put down the wrong answer because I didn't read completely or ran out of time, 2) questions that I guessed on but got right, 3) questions that I kind of knew the concept but answered incorrectly, and 3) questions that I completely didn't know anything about the concept. This allowed me to focus on my weak points and go over any topics that I kept getting incorrect questions about.

My score Breakdown

Biology (Scored: 400)
This section was the easiest for me. There were a lot of physiology questions about hormones and systems such as the excretory system. There were also a lot of molecular cell biology topics about enzymes, cell structure, and the immune system. There were some genetics questions with pedigrees and predicting the outcome of a cross. There were a few taxonomy and evolution questions that were very basic and can easily be reviewed with booster's new videos.

Chemistry (Scored: 390)
I had mostly conceptual questions and a few calculation questions but nothing too bad. I like chemistry and did well in general chemistry in college so this is one of my strong subjects that I didn't spend too much time on.

Organic Chemistry (Scored: 370)
I was intimidated by this section at first while studying because I literally forgot all of orgo because I took it during the pandemic. I just used the booster videos from beginning to end and kept doing the reaction questions and the extra questions. My score started out at a 290 and went up all the way to a 370!

Physics (Scored: 330)
I was a little disappointed about this section because I studied so hard for physics and I definitely knew the concepts but I got bogged down by a couple of questions on the actual test and had to rush through some questions. I scored around 320-360 on the practice tests so I scored in the range. I recommend doing a bunch of practice problems and working on stamina.

Reading Comprehension (Scored: 370)
This section kind of surprised me. I was scoring 350-400 on the practice tests and did way better on the last practice tests. The actual one was a little harder with more specific questions that were ordered all over the place and more interpreting questions.

QR (Scored: 310)
This section was the hardest for me because I am not efficient with calculations and I get bogged down easily by hard questions. I also struggled with probability and some application questions. I recommend doing a bunch of practice questions and doing the guess and mark method when doing the practice tests to maximize your score because I wish I used that method.

TS: 380 AA: 360


Final advice
This exam is pretty tough and comprehensive so I say take your time with content review and do practice tests later. If you need to push back your test date, do it because trust me it is worth the 45 or so dollars that you have to pay to reschedule.

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