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I was going through the questions I got wrong on AAMC VI Verbal today and came to these conclusions:

The passage is your brain. You know nothing outside your brain. Use your brain.

A short list of things to think about during each question:
(More useful for the harder ones where you've narrowed it
down to two answers, but good to go through--though you
might not have the time--for all of the questions)

1) Relevance -- It may not necessarily be stated "just-so" in the passage, but it needs to have elements that come from the passage. Only through knowledge from the passage can you come to such and such conclusion. This is especially good for author agree and disagree questions--how can the author disagree/agree with something that he/she doesn't even mention in the passage?

2) Support -- It may be hard to find, but the correct answer will be supported by the passage. If it specifically refers to a portion of the passage, it is good to look both *before* and *after* the portion, as well as the *beginning* and *end* of the passage because those are the key points to get the main idea. (Though this may be a moot point, it might also be good to make sure you UNDERSTAND "correctly" the portion you would support the answer with. Sometimes the passages are so convoluted you might get the exact opposite idea of what the author is saying, and that'll bring you down big time)

3) Elimination -- Try to eliminate all other answers based on the previous two things. Be wary of associations (that are completely relevant to and supported by the passage) made by the answers choices that are NOT made by the passage.

4) Consistency -- Make sure each of your answers are relevant to and supported by the passage's--and then paragraph's--main idea. This is covered in the suport section for each question, but it would also be good if you went back through the other answers and made sure that you were consistent w/ the main idea in ALL your answers.

That is all. Good luck to all of you!! :)
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