My school doesn't offer a Tests and Measurement course.


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May 1, 2007
A few of the programs I've looked at require "Tests and Measurement" as an undergraduate pre-requisite--my university does not offer an undergraduate Tests and Measurement course--no idea why, as we do have a PhD program and offer all the basics (Stats, Research Methods, Advanced Research Methods, Cognition, Learning etc.) as well as a fairly large group of UG electives (Clinical, Neuropsych, Advanced Animal Behavior, Child Psychopathology, CBT, Multicultural, etc.) Does this mean I just can't apply to programs requiring Tests and Measurement as a pre-req?



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Apr 6, 2007
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Sure you can, you will just have to take the class somewhere else. Occasionallly, they will accept you with the understanding that you will take it somewhere before the year starts, or sometimes they will have you take their undegrad version of it. Although this is less liley, because it can intefere with your grad class schedule.
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