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NBDE Part 1 and Part 2 Study Material

Discussion in 'For Sale and Advertisements' started by bolanos44, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. bolanos44

    bolanos44 Banned Banned

    May 18, 2007
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    I have all the materials that you need to pass the NBDE Part1 and the NBDE Part 2, If you need some help, email me at bolanos44@yahoo.com I will email you a list with all the materials that you will get.
    good luck!
    Part 1 material
    2007 paper's
    2006 kaplan book
    2007dental dekc
    Rudman book
    A-K asda(ADA) release examen
    A-K asda(ADA) examen explainations
    10 paper's (3000 ) questions and answers(from 1999-2006)
    the new release I-M asda(ADA) examen
    and more!

    Part 2 NBDE
    2007 paper's
    New release examen II-L
    2007-2008 dental decks
    2004 dental decks
    Kaplan book
    A-K release examens
    Rudman book
    ortho atlats
    perio atlats
    protesis atlats
    path atlats
    oral med atlats
    pharmaceutical high yield
    2000-2006 paper's 1800 questions and answers
    and more!
    if you heve a questions email me , bolanos44@yahoo.com
    have a nice day, I'm willing to help you pass your examen.
    affordable price!
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