I got a quick question. What will be the next step to book my test date? I got my ECE evaluation report 2 month ago and they should send the report to ADA. I never heard anything from ADA. Will I get a confirmation letter from ADA or do I need to obtain a Dentpin first?
Mar 18, 2013
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  1. Dentist
obtain a dent pin first from.. as you will need it.. its an easy process.... as far as ECE, did you ask them to send a copy to the ADA? if so call ADA and ask them if they have received it. From ECE it goes via email to the ADA so they should have it. Once ADA has your application and reviews it you will have to go online and pay the $410 fee for part 1.. after that they will send you an email with with an application ID number which you will need to log into the prometrics site to schedule for your test.
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