NBME... Help!!!!

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Aug 25, 2008
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hey ya..... I have few apprehensions regarding NBME..... Please answer to ur potential to the following questions to allay my fears......

1. Is their any specific order in which i should take the NBME forms???? for eg. Which form should i take first (form 1 or Form 6 or Form 4)...... I am 5 weeks away from D-day

2. I have a slow internet connection.... which keeps disconnecting for times.... so would there be any problem if i take the standard paced exams and the net disconnects for say 10 min at a stretch.....???? would the exam automatically get paused or will the time keep running.....

3. Is the interface Online or Offline (if offline, then the point 2 would be invalid)

any answer would be appreciated.....

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1. I don't think there is an order really. People say some are easier and some are harder but you've got to keep in mind that the raw marks are scaled to give you your estimated USMLE score.

2. With USMLE World, if the internet disconnects, you can still continue doing questions that the program has already loaded (but won't see pictures). If when you're finished that block and the internet is still off, it will prompt you to save a copy of your responses on your computer and then upload it the next time you have an internet connection so it can keep track of your stats for you. Not sure with Kaplan Qbank since my internet never died during the middle of it.
my connection was pretty poor too, so i went with the self-paced. however, i timed myself for each block, and luckily, there were only 2 times where i needed to reboot my modem...

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