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    Hey guys. Sorry if this has been discussed to death but I am not seeing a consensus on this.

    Which of these features are absolutely necessary to have on the wards:
    1. Built in wifi
    2. Extra paid internet service through Verizon, etc
    3. Programs besides epocrates

    My school is trying to tell me I need a Windows phone or Palm, but I'd much rather have an Iphone (or Blackberry). I know Epocrates is available for the 3g Iphone July 11 or so. What else would I be missing if I went Iphone versus Windows/Palm, since the Iphone has wifi, has internet, and has epocrates.

    Also if someone could expand upon why the built in wifi would be this to access patient charts through the hospital network?

    Thanks so much. This should help a bunch of other people deciding.
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    several schools are using proprietary software that needs to run on either Win Mobile or Palm. Software examples include: patient tracking, procedures tracking, evaluations, summaries, etc.

    Check with your school and make sure they're not requiring you to use something like that before you go out and make a purchase.

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