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May 9, 2000
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hey, if any of u have any good advice for me id appreciate it--

heres the story--

im a transfer student to A&M
im a senior and graduate this summer.

i messed up pretty bad my second semester-senior yr here at A&M (an A and a F and a D) just simply goofing and a lot of personal problems which id rather not discuss here. aside from that- i have 3 Cs in science classes (bio chem 1, microbio (which i repeated at A&M and got an A), and ochem 2). that was sophomore yr.

I have showed improvement from this. and DAT is pretty solid 20's.

My question is: how bad are the adcoms gonna trash me for the F and the D even if I have showed improvement and got my act together.
i already have shadowed and am pretty committed to being a dentist-- but i dont know what the F and D will do to me....

i have 1 pretty good semester following the D and F semester. and then 2 more to go and i graduate.

so---- is dent school worth a shot? whats it looking like for me??
any substantive advice would be highly appreciated.

-screwedup pretty bad but got his act together and wants to go to dent school- Adam.


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Oct 24, 2005
you will never know unless you try!

like NIKE says: just do it!


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Jun 19, 2005
Did you retake the classes you got an F and D in (and what classes were they)? if you did, and got much better grades itll show something good. If you didnt retake them or you didnt improve considerably...that might be an issue. Also, i dont know if retaking a Class with a C helps you too much. Some schools dont even let you (thats how little it tends to matter).

Next, it will be easier to help you with your chances if you post your avg nonsci gpa, sci/math gpa, and your overall gpa.