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Need Advice on Pre-Med Class Direction

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by RT19, May 15, 2014.

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  1. RT19


    May 15, 2014
    Okay i'm new here i'm 23 currently, heres my story, I have a bachelors in Radiologic sciences (Radiologic technologist) I Currently work in Xray ( only about a years experience) and MRI (a few months) as i just got the bachelors and X-ray came via a certificate program pre- bachelors a year ago.
    So i recently decided i wanted to attend medical school the last few semesters so i just retook precal and chemistry which i did horrible in my freshman year and made A's in both classes the second time around

    Giving me a 3.28 cgpa without those grades factored in as replacement grades (higher if you factor them in as replacement grades) hopefully to raise as i continue to acquire pre-reqs
    Ill be taking at least Chem-2 this summer coming up
    here are my options that i need direction and help with:

    1) take mcat in december 2014 to avoid the new 2015 version, downside will only have orgo 1 and physics 1 under my belt at the time

    2)take chem2 this summer at my current 4 year university,
    then orgo-1 and physics 1 in the fall, and
    spring take physics 2 and orgo 2 and
    mcat in summer and apply late summer barring a good mcat score

    3) Take both chem 2 and physics-1 in summer at a community college,
    orgo-1 and physics-2 in fall at 4 year university,
    Orgo 2 only in spring and mcat prep course
    mcat in summer then apply if score is adequate

    My only worry is that i won't have biochemistry in time for the new 2015 MCAT, which worries me will i be alright without it? I could always just sit in on a biochem class possibly the spring before mcat or self study
    Which above option seems the best route?
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