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Jul 8, 2016
Hey Ya'll
I am in need of a realistic and good advice in regards to my situation with this cycle application process.. Here is a little background info:
I graduated with a Biology degree. My overall GPA: 2.81, Horrible I know, I am my worse critic. (My first two years of college I had hardships which reflected on my grades graduating with an Associates degree GPA: 3.01 and I finished my bachelors at a 4 year university with a GPA: 3.39).
I took the OAT for the first time in 2015 and got a 270AA 260TS. Based on those scores I decided to wait until I finished school and re-take it to apply.
I have 768 hours of optometric shadowing experience, 40 hours of surgical ophthalmology shadowing, I have volunteered at vision walks, and was once part of the NSU Pre-optometry Super Bowl, I also have worked since 2010 in the optometry field so I have 7 years of experience where I have done everything from, front desk, sales, optician assistant and currently optometry technician/scriber.
I am currently working on my application and really want to submit it this cycle, but I need advice.
Now here is where I don't know what to do.. I have been self-studying for the OAT but have not seen much improvement on my score. I don't know if I should submit my application with what I have and a future OAT date or If I should just wait get a good OAT score and then submit my application. Also, If I wait, I'll be submitting my application October-November.. is this considered late?
I want to know my chances and what you guys think about what I should do in my situation.
Thanks for your help!
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