Need advice regarding fellowship application

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Jul 19, 2007
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Hi everybody,

Well dec 1st has come and gone,I've got a problem,my PD has dispatched the LOR just today and it will be atleast 15th dec by the time it gets uploaded, should I wait for the letter before applying or apply now without the letter??? feel like am in a soup......plz helppppppppppp

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Did you wait for all of your residency LORs to come in before applying? You shouldn't have. Nor should you wait now. It makes no difference. Do you have other LORs available? I received about half of my interviews prior to the PD letter being available b/c of other letters I received.
Cheers Gutonc much appreciated well yes have got 2 letters in will apply tonight hope its not too late and hope I get a few interviews,bye.