Jan 7, 2021
Hi SDN! Created an account today to get some much needed advice. Currently applying this cycle but with no interviews to speak of, coming to terms with most likely being a reapplicant. I would like some advice on what to do to improve my app to be more successful a second time around.

I'm a URM, Nontrad, AA female
Cgpa: 3.3
AMCAS sgpa: 2.95
TMDSAS sgpa: 2.98
AACOMAS sgpa: 3.03
DIY post bac 4.0 (12 credit hours)
MCAT: 507
ECs: Well-rounded and pretty solid.
LORs: 2 Sci profs from post bac and 1 from work supervisor
TX resident
Applied to 12 MDs and 3 DOs (Didn't have DO letter or DO interaction, so limited my DO apps. Planning to shadow some DOs hopefully soon to rectify this.)

I took the last MCAT for this cycle and wasn't completed at most schools until late October/early November.

I plan to continue my diy postbac this spring and take an additional 9 or 12 credit hours, bringing my postbac to 21 or 24 total hours. The spring classes would bring my AMCAS & TMDSAS sgpas to a 3.0 if I maintain a 4.0. Would that be sufficient? Or would I need another diy pb semester or SMP?

Also, should I retake my MCAT? My average was a 513 and I'm pretty sure adjusting to the timing for the shorter COVID exam is what got to me (guessed on entire passages due to timing).

Thanks for the help!


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Sep 15, 2012
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You do not need to retake the MCAT. Which schools did you apply to ? If you increase your sGPA to 3.0 it will increase your chances for interviews in the next cycle.
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