Aug 6, 2020
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  1. Pre-Physical Therapy
I am a recent graduate of University of Kentucky. I have a overall GPA of 3.4. Here is a background of my grades and observation/volunteer hours. Course grades: Anatomy and Physiology I: C, Anatomy and Physiology II: A, Exercise Physiology: B, Biomechanics: B, Chemistry I: B. Chemistry I Lab: A, Chemistry II: A, Chemistry II lab: A, Biology I: A, Biology I Lab: A, Biology II: A, Biology II Lab: B, Physics I: D, Physics I Lab: A, Physics II: B. Physics II lab: B, Psychology: B, Developmental Psychology: B, Stats: C.
Observational Hours: 100. I observed 50 total hours at one clinic and 50 at another clinic. One of the clinics I did my observations at closed down but I was told I could still list it on my application.
Volunteer work hours: 50 hours.
I have applied at at a total of 8 schools and was denied at all except one which was Marshall University.
I am as of now retaking Physics to better my grade and as of now I have a 85. I know with my Physics I being a D could be a huge barrier on making my application not competitive, but I am trying to figure out what else I can do to make my self more competitive if I can not get in this cycle. Should I retake any other classes like Stats or Anatomy and Physiology I? And has anyone been listed as an alternative and been accepted later on? I I am probably retaking the GRE if Marshall does not accept me this year. My GRE score was low since I took it at home and had internet issues which heavily affected my scores but I was also told by the schools I was applying to they would not look at the GRE heavily compared to my science GPA. If anyone has any advice on what I can do to better my chances of getting accepted possibly this year or on the next cycle, please let me know :)
May 26, 2020
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  1. Pre-Physical Therapy
The physics D was likely the biggest mark because that’s not passing so you don’t have that requirement completed. I’d say retake that and then just spend as much time as you can in observation at different clinics and settings (like a couple months in each) so you have depth and breadth. I work in UG advising for my schools knes dept and can say that unfortunately if you got a passing grade in classes like stats or A/P, you cannot retake it for credit at the same school. You’d have to find a JC class or online prereq program to send a different transcript if you wanted to show them that you retook it and did better. But honestly I think if you can get that physics grade up and get a bunch more experience under your belt in the next year, you’ll be chillin for the next cycle!
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