Feb 18, 2013

I am getting my B.S. in Chemistry and have made a 3.95 GPA. I am a senior right now, and I thought that adding a math minor to my degree (already have a biology minor) would be fun. HAH.

I have already taken Calculus 2, but Calculus 3 (parametric equations, vectors, 3D vectors, etc, etc) is kicking my butt because of it's 4 credit hour nature and the fact that we have homework assignments of around 60+ problems every week.

Right now I am taking pharmaceutical chemistry (with two PhDs from Pfizer and Merck), Honor's Undergraduate Thesis (protein sequencing for disease precursors on MALDI-MS), and Biochemistry Honors.

If I drop calculus 3, I will be under a full-time student, and I already have a W from when I dropped Biochemistry (non-honors) last semester. How would this affect me? I really do not want a C to ruin my GPA when it's a class that I do not even need for a minor that I do not really need either. Also, my research takes up quite a bit of time along with my extracurricular activities (I manage a personal advertising and graphic design business). Oh, and I am trying to study for the MCAT which I plan to take late April, May or June.

Any suggestions?
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Many excellent schools don't even care if you take calculus. Those that do don't care about your minor (nobody does). We only care about your gpa, MCAT, motivation and interpersonal skills. Hypothesis driven research is a bonus.
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