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Need help/advice


New Member
2+ Year Member
Apr 26, 2017
  1. Physical Therapist
Hello, I got my BPT in 2009, in Europe. I moved to the States in 2012. My BPT was insufficient for 1st degree level, required here to practice. I gave up and quit.
Lately I was thinking that I want to come back. I live in Nevada. I can't continue my master's or doctor's, because my diploma is outdated.
Thinking about time and money, what should I do?
Start PTA in Nevada for 2 years for $40k or come back to my country and finish Master's, 2 years for $5k? And they don't apply aging on bachelor's degree so far.
Is it enough to have Master's of PT in Nevada or doctor's is mandatory?
How can I be sure when I come back that my diploma is not going to be rejected again? I would be ok if I have to complete couple more classes but hopefully not 10 or so. I want to meet min requirements to be licensed with a foreign degree.
I gave myself a year to collect info. I would like to finish my master's in Lithuania.
I spent 10 years in sports and I worked as PT for 2 years in Lithuania. I liked life balance and stability.
Now, I'm a single mom and have nothing similar to it. I became a citizen of the United States. Without a degree I can get only a warehouse job and salary.
I would like to talk with someone about this matter.
Thank you


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Mar 9, 2019
Check if US recognizes Lithuanian PT education now. If it does not, then don't do it in Lithuania. If it does, then it's a little gamble what will happen by the time you finish your degree in Lithuania, but I do not see a reason why the US would change their mind and stop recognizing it if they do now.
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