Need help, can I still get into med school with my situation?

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Jan 9, 2023
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So here's the deal:

I want to become a psychiatrist. I completed community college for the first two years and then transferred to complete the last two (I took my sister's advice who attended a four-year college but regrets not completing her first two at a community college). I was a very ****ty high school student due to ADHD (for those of you who have it, you'll probably relate to not being able to read or do work without becoming easily distracted or wanting to do something else, for everyone else who doesn't have it, please continue reading), and it continued in my first semester of college where it is only semester that I got only 1 D and 3 C's. I was going to do nursing but decided **** it, I'm going to be a doctor.

However, I never got below a B- after that semester. I graduated CC with a 3.0 GPA and finished my 4-year degree with a 3.7 GPA (which I believe puts you in a good position should you apply for medical school) plus I did all my prerequisites. Unfortunately, I learned that my 4-year college did not enter my grades from CC and I was ineligible for honors because my "tentative calculation GPA" was 3.3, but this has put me in so much distress because I now wonder if medical schools will pay more attention to that and ignore my 3.7 GPA.

So my question is despite I finished my 4-year school with a 3.7 GPA, will it mean nothing to the medical school admission officers because if combined with my CC grades, it'll come down 4 points? What if I do well on the MCAT, can that help give me a shot at getting in? I do not want to go to a prestigious medical school, a regular one is sufficient for me.

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What are your year by year trends in both cumulative and science GPAs? Are the overall numbers for both around 3.3?

Have you done a substantial amount of clinical experience, non-clinical volunteering, some shadowing and any other extracurriculars?
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Either ask for this thread to be moved to WAMC or close this thread and go start a new thread in WAMC.

Use this template and fill everything in. We need way more information if peoplevare going to help you.

Good luck.
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You can find resources to teach English online such as the British Council's LearnEnglish website or the American English website from the US Department of State. By the way, getting into med school wasn't exactly easy, but I used My Academic Program - Your Helper with College Application and everything was great. You can also check out books on teaching English as a second language. Additionally, you may want to consider taking a teaching course to gain confidence and skills in teaching.
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Awaiting the WAMC format. Until then, I have to ask...

What courses have you taken in psychology or neuroscience? I'm wondering because I'm not sure why Psychiatry and not Clinical Psychology. I just want to know if the OP has done due diligence on the choice.
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On the GPA: OP has a strong enough upward trend for the poor early start to not count against them as badly as they fear. Two years of 3.7+ puts doubts about academic ability to bed when paired with a 510+ MCAT.
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