Need help! Mississippi College vs USF

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    Hi all, I need help deciding!
    I am pre-dental and have been accepted to both Mississippi College's and University of South Florida's Masters in Medical Sciences programs. Initially I had decided on Mississippi College because it seems like a better program, but now I'm going back and forth. Here are some pros and cons that I can see right now:

    Biggest pro: my family is a 2 hr drive away and I can go visit them on longer weekends and Tampa is a nicer place to live, I think.
    Cons: Out of state tuition for me will be $25k, it's a newer program, and 200 students in a class (harder to get LOR's?)

    Mississippi College
    Pro: Tuition is only about $20k, seems like a good program, and I have a sister that's a 6-hour drive away.
    Con: Absolutely nothing to do in a tiny little town like Clinton, but I suppose I will be too busy studying anyway.

    I would really appreciate some insight on what you guys think. I've deferred enrollment to spring semester for Mississippi college in case I want to go there. USF, however, starts next week! They are letting me start with the online program, and transfer over to their pre-professional program spring semester, when I'm ready to make the move.

    Do you guys think the program really matters? Or, a masters is a masters? As long as I get a good GPA.
    Eke! Indecisive me...

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