May 27, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi, I'm about to graduate from the University of California Riverside with a neuroscience BS. I'm also a CC transfer
my cGPA (Both cc+ UCR)= 3.17 sGPA =2.89 I did a lot better at UCR than my CC.
CCGPA below 2.89 and UCR GPA 3.57
Had a lot of health and family issues going on throughout college
I have over 300hrs of research and participated in different types of research in neuro
200 hrs of volunteering
50 hrs of shadowing( plan to do more)
EMT over 1000 hrs
started ERtech will work until I apply to either postback or SMP and possibly during the program
black, female, low income
have a lot of community service hours
I started a club that distributes blanket to homeless in LA
have not taken MCAT ( I will if I am to participate in SMP)
which program will I benefit from the most ( I really want to be a doc, there is nothing else I can see myself doing)

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