need help to get Interview in ER


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  • Oct 29, 2011
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      hi guys,
      really need help, in the brink of failure.. how to get more interview when you already try all the thing
      this is my credentials step 1 250+, step 2 250+, CS pass, got 2 good SLOR but not from PD, no research in EM, now in preliminary medicine, & IMG.
      can someone give me some advise?
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      Oct 21, 2008
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        @link2swim06 i got 1 interview, too risky.... i applied more than 50 on september 20th....

        @shenanigi Not too shabby but can't be georgio armani model i figure...

        I think the mistakes were not applying everywhere that even remotely considers IMGs and not applying on Sep 15.

        Maybe some well placed emails to PDs or coordinators might help?


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        Oct 16, 2001
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          Sounds like there may be a red flag lurking somewhere in your application given your scores (good), fact that you're in a prelim position and I'm assuming failed to match in desired specialty 1st time around. Perhaps apply to some more programs, but you should also have a back-up plan such as medicine or family med.
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