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Aug 12, 2015
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I'm hoping to submit my AACOMAS today, but theres a glitch in the system that wont let me edit colleges attended. That aside, I need help coming up with a school list for DO programs. I plan to take the USMLEs and am going to be shooting for non-primary care Allopathic residency programs.

That being said, my stats are below:
UMass Biochem/Molecular Bio Class of 2011 c&sGPA: 3.4, however Sophomore-Senior year there was a strong uptrend --> 3.6+ every semester
Some part time grad level classes while working at Lehigh cGPA= 3.3

MCAT: 505 composite
PS: 130
CARS: 122
BS: 127
Psych/Soc: 126

- 1000 hrs undergraduate lab experience
- 380 hrs TA'ing an Upper level biochem lab
- 4 years in Biopharma at Merck in a BioProcess group (full-time position) 40+hr/week
- 144hrs shadowing M.D internist
- 10 hr vacation day surgical shadow with an M.D.
- 30 hrs shadowing D.O. internist
- 72hrs volunteering at an assisted living facility
- 36 hrs volunteering with at risk youths aging out of foster care

I am curious which reputable DO schools you guys think I should apply to with my stats that would give me the best shot at non-primary care Allopathic residency programs like general surgery.

I am a NJ resident so I was going to validate my AACOMAS app with RowanSOM

I'd like to apply to 10-15 schools. Here's what I'm considering, but I'm unsure of quality of education:
PCOM-Philly (not sure if i have a shot here)

Help is much appreciated!
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Feb 28, 2015
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I want to say to add Marian University (MUCOM). It's newer, but apparently their program is pretty good, and I swear I saw someone post on here about better than usual research opportunities, something the high-speed residencies like to see. The only problem is that they haven't graduated a class yet, so I can't tell you what their match stats are.