Need help with my school list!


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Aug 10, 2017
GPA: cGPA: 3.87 sGPA: 3.89 with upward trending GPA (last three semesters have been 4.0s)
MCAT: 517 (130/128/129/130)
Residence: Pittsburgh
Asian Male
Undergrad: University of Pittsburgh

Clinical Experience: Total hours: 380 hours

1)Hospital 1 - 170 hours from High school until summer between high school and college
2) Hospice - 130 hours, started my junior year
3) Medlife trip- Worked in Tena Ecuador for 80 hours helping local communities and providing medical relief

Research: Total hours 750

1) Brain Bank (University of texas in San Antonio)- Worked the summer between High school and Freshmen year of college, on SNARE protein ratio in postmortem brain. No publications (total hours- 150) 2) Cardiology research at the University of Scranton, I have three publications here. One is a second author and the other are 6 and 5th author all three are in Journal of American College of Cardiology. Another publication is on the way. (total hours- 300) 3) Neuroimaging research at the University of Pittsburgh, one a Honor college fellowship for this research, and publication should be in around december. (total hours-300)

Shadowing: total hours 180

Non-clinical Volunteering: 1) 170 hours tutoring somali refugee children. 2) As a leader of SASA, a community service organization I have 300 hours, however on AMCAS I listed this as leadership instead of volunteering will this count?

1) South Asian Student Association ( Started as social chair, then became Vice president, and now I am president) From sophmore year to present
2) Recruitment chair for Phi Delta Epsilon

1) Keep it real-
2) South Asian Student Association-
3) Phi Delta Epsilon-
4) Teacher Experiences-
5) Mastana-
6) Forbes Hospice-
7) Cardiology research-
8) Neuroimaging research-
9) Humans of Pittsburgh

MCAT tutor for Princeton Review for the Biology Tutor, from junior year

1)Dean list for all semesters
2) Research fellowship, Honors College Health Sciences fellowship

School list:
5)University of Pittsburgh,
6)Michigan medical school,
7)Ohio State,
12) Brown
13) Mayo
16) Tufts (maybe)

BIG QUESTION, is my MCAT not good enough for schools such as Columbia, Cornell, or NYU. Confession time, my gf is in New York and these schools really mean alot to me because I want to be close to her. (Sorry to get all corny)
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