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    I applied this last cycle, had 4 interviews, and am currently on 4 waitlists (3 DO, 1 MD - international school). I am gearing up to reapply and need help with a new school list.

    Here is some information/stats about me:
    I graduated in 2016 and then spent a year living abroad and travelling. Came back and began applying for this past cycle and working.
    cGPA: 3.70, sGPA 3.4 MCAT: applied with 502 and retook in May (will get scores next week). My practice MCATs were around 506/507 (and will update!).

    6 months in undergrad as a Chaplain in a hospital, 6 months of research in Israel (with a pending peer review publication), 200+ hours volunteering in an assisted living home in addition to 100+ hours of other various volunteering experiences, shadowing both MD and DO (25 hrs and 16 hrs, respectively), work as a religious school teacher for 4 years, work this past year as an environmental scientist, extensive leadership experience as a ropes course director at an overnight camp, resident assistant, and in extracurriculars in undergrad.
    New to this application are the 200+ hours volunteering, a year of teaching, a year of working as an environmental scientist, MD shadowing (also with a LOR), new MCAT score. I also rewrote my personal statement.

    Also, RI resident.

    Can anyone help with a school list (both DO and MD please)?!? And any suggestions for strengthening over this coming year is also welcome :)
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    Post your new MCAT score here next week and I will suggest schools.
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