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Dec 25, 2016
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  1. Dental Student
Date of submission: Haven't submitted my app yet
Overall GPA:
Science GPA: 3.5
DAT score (include AA and all sections):
1st attempt (took it this week):
PAT: 17

QR: 24
RC: 26
Bio: 23
GC: 21
OC: 20
TS: 21
AA: 23

State of Residence: GA

Major: Biology
Minority? No
Reapplicant? No
Nontrad? No

Shadowing Experience: 270 hours with 1 general dentist
Volunteering Experience: 100 hours at homeless shelter, 50 hours at senior center
Employment: Elementary school after-school tutor (100 hrs)
Research: 1 semester of research w/ poster presentation (plant biology)

Other lab/research experience:
- lab technician for 5 months
- research assistant for 7 months

LOR type and strength:
1 general dentist;
3 science professors (1 research - STRONG, 1 biochem; 1 upper level bio)

Misc Info/Things not stated elsewhere:
- English is my 2nd language so I have to take TOEFL (I've lived in the U.S for ~6 yrs)
- Should I submit my application w/ current DAT score & retake it in fall?
(I was originally planning to take it in July so I have enough time to study but there was no testing availability. I studied for ~ 7 days and took the test.)

School list:
Georgia (in-state)
Don't need to retake (you asked this before and the answer was dw about the 17). Take Howard off your list as they are HBCU. You can take USC off too since they're so expensive if you want to. Rest look fine, but I would add about 3-5 more, probably the schools that are around Georgia.
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Jun 24, 2015
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You’ll most likely get accepted this cycle if you apply smart, 17 PAT is not a big deal for most schools. Along with applying to your in state school you should also apply to out of state friendly schools (which are often private schools). You can find this info easily by looking this up in the “adea guide to dental schools“ (just purchase an online copy) and observing how many seats were offered last year at each school to students from your state. And ideally, you could compare these numbers to an old adea guide from a previous year. I feel applying to 10-12 schools in total in your case is a safe bet.
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