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Aug 22, 2008
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I applied to a lot of medical schools (I know - wasted a lot of money) .....waiting to hear from some and rejected from others....Here's my stat: GPA: 3.9 and MCAT: 26. I know my MCAT is low, but I still wanted to apply and see. But now, having NO interviews and NO success, I don't know what to do? I mean, I am graduating in May and if I don't get into this year, what are my options? I need advice as to what are some other programs (masters or something) I should be looking at during my one year that i will be wasting and will actually help me.....please try to be specific if you can.....Thanks.


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Apr 4, 2007
Your GPA is great. You don't need to prove yourself academically. You DO need to repeat the MCAT and get a higher score (especially in verbal). Meanwhile get a job in a lab or clinical venue, and keep working on your extracurriculars. Don't do a masters unless you want to learn the material or it will assist you towards a Plan B occupation if you don't get accepted to med school.

If you did not take a formal MCAT prep course last time, strongly consider paying the $1600 or so, and do it this time.
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