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I have a 2.4 undergraduate GPA in Engineering.
BCPM is 2.8

I have thought about going to SABA, AUC, or St. Georges in the caribbean.

Do I have a chance at a D.O. school if I score well on the MCAT? What sort of plan of action does one take when their GPAs are this low and they are one semester of graduating with their undergrad degree?


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May 23, 2008
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hey, i thknk that you should take some upper level science courses and rock them, since your an engineering major i am sure you took some pretty hard classes in physics and other math courses, dont worry, but i think your gonna have to take some summer courses and get A's to boost up that GPA, a strong upward trend in upper level courses beat an compensate for a sub par gpa, plus, if your considering applying for DO school, you know that if you retake any of your pre-req courses they will count your latest grade, meaning that if you do worse the second time around you will have that grade counted towards you so watch out.. but if you get an A, then that is the one tht will count towards your science gpa, you could also consider doing some graduate level courses, iam in the same boat as you as ia m graduating in may 2009 and am not sure what to do really, but from what others have told me, retake pre-req courses if your shooting for DO, or take some grauduate level courses, like a graduate certificate in biochemistry or moleclar biolog or something like that do really well in it.

i am contemplating going to the carribbean also because of my grades i have a 3.06 science gpa trying to get into a med school in the US, which is really tough, but hang in there, i think you like me and will have to take a year off to make up for some grades, plus get some clinical experiences and some research if you havn't already, make sure you make your time usful, every admissions committee get students that did bad then did better later and thety really look at what you do with your time, just make sure you prove to them that your really serious about becoming a doctor despite your grades, how is up to you, iam in the same boat as you so i can only provide you so much advice without being a hippocrate so...keep your head up


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Apr 4, 2007
Many DO schools don't post an expected minimum GPA, and I'm pretty sure a great MCAT score that proves you "got it" will help you at those schools. But for the usual person, your GPA is really too low for DO med school admission. Consider researching this issue further in the Pre-osteopathic forum. To give you an idea of what DO schools to consider, here is the DO GPA cut off list:

Have you considered NOT graduating on time and spending an extra year or two taking more undergrad classes to boost your GPA? Even the most forgiving DO school will prefer to see recent evidence of strong academic performance in upper-level science classes. With your current GPA being so low, I think you'd find it hard to get into a SMP (Special Masters Program) which is another route to redemption, if you have a good MCAT core. For more info about these programs, see SDNs subforum on Post-baccalaureate programs: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/forumdisplay.php?f=71
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