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Jun 27, 2007
Resident [Any Field]
I am just so confused about what I would like to do as a specialty, and I certainly am open to anything as long as it would fit me, so I figured the knowledge bank that is SDN would provide me with the answers!

I am a person that likes to observe and think through a lot of things, and I love solving problems and new challenges, it's really fun for me to be stumped and try to solve it. But I also like doing things with my hands and have done quite a bit of animal surgery for research and I enjoy that. Also I love interacting with patients and the ability to follow up with patients is very important to me. So far, I feel like the only specialty would be surgical oncology, I know that is really specific, also that's really just a general surgery residency? I'm not sure so please help me! and I certainly don't know too much about all the types of residencies there are, so if my personality fits into anything you know I would really appreciate the input. Thanks!