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Apr 21, 2004
I failed the OBGYN shelf exam with a 15th percentile(first shelf I have ever failed) I get to take it over when I want. I am leaning towards taking it in four weeks. Can someone help me with these questions

1. Is that enough time?

2. Should I reread Blueprints(which I read three times)? What other book do you suggest? Can I read this book in four weeks?

3. What Question Books are good besides Pre Test?

Thank You!!


I relied on Blueprints and the little red book. Read and study them until you've got pretty much everything memorized. How well did you know your material the first time you took the test?


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Dec 22, 2003
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I find the Blueprints Q&A book for OB/GYN to be high yield. It's only 100 questions, so it's not a great value unless you can get a used copy. I found mine used on Amazon for $5 (the first edition). There's also a Blueprints Clinical Cases book that has questions too. I haven't made it through that yet (doing OB/GYN now). But it also looks high yield. I still think you might have just made a mistake filling in the bubbles on your first try! Good luck. I guess you'll really know the material backwards and forwards by the time you're done.