Aug 19, 2015
Physical Therapy Student
Hello guys! I am going to start application this fall semester. However, i still have several prerequiste courses in progress. I am going to take an Anatomy lab, a physiological lab this fall, and a biology and bio lab in the spring. (Thats all i need to take). Do i still geta chance to apply this year? Or the best choice is to finish all of them in fall? Are there any options for student to have a spring application?
Thanks to all!


5+ Year Member
Oct 24, 2013
Physical Therapy Student
Check with the schools you want to apply to, some of them allow outstanding pre-recs - but check this because ALL schools are different, some allow 2 others 3 etc. When I applied I had Chem 2, Physics 1 & 2 left to take and I still managed to get in....but if possible it is always better to have as many completed as possible to be the most competitive applicants. Make sure the rest of your application is strong!


7+ Year Member
Oct 5, 2010
Physical Therapist
Yep, it will depend on the school and the rest of your application. If your grades are really strong and the school is ok with 4 outstanding pre reqs, then you might be ok. If you can't have that many classes still left per the school, then I would wait and apply next cycle.
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