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Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by DMDtobe, Aug 10, 2006.

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    I have received admission into a US school (I live in Canada) for a special Masters program. I am just wondering, I do not have a student visa. But I was told by a few ppl that I don't need one when I leave for the program and that all I need is the I-20 form and a few others and that at the border they will issue me the visa from there. Can anyone confirm this??? Does anyone have any more info? I talked to someone at a canadian embassy and they told me that I could get the visa at the border. BUT, on other government sites it said you need the student Visa. I am very confused.
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    You will have to be in valid F1 status in order to attend school. There might be some special deal that canadians can obtain the visa at the border crossing point, but one way or another you will need one.

    Rather than relying on what people told you, I would contact the US consulate in canada responsible for the place you live at right now, other information sources would be or the website.
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    Are you a native ethnic Canadian citizen?
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