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Need your advices on my planned schedule

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by simlove, May 13, 2008.

  1. simlove


    May 13, 2008
    I am a new member of SDN forum. I am planning to apply for pharmacy colleges in fall of 2009. Could you guys give me advice on my planned schedule below? All of your comments are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Summer 2008
    4 credits Calculus 1
    3 Microeconomics
    3 Us History.
    10 Total

    Fall 2008
    4 General Biology 1
    4 General Chemistry 1
    3 English Composition 1
    3 Psychology
    14 Total

    Spring 2009
    4 General Biology 2
    4 General Chemistry 2
    3 English Composition 2
    4 Physics( Calculus based)
    15 Total

    Summer 2009
    3 Statistic
    3 Public Speech

    Fall 2009
    4 Organic Chemistry 1
    4 Anatomy and Physiology 1
    3 Humanity
    3 Literature
    14 Total

    Spring 2010
    4 Organic Chemistry 2
    4 Anatomy and Physiology 1
    4 Calculus 2
    3 Humanity
    15 Total
    Summer 2010
    4 Microbiology

    Are there any classes need to be adjusted or added to fulfill pre- pharmacy prerequisites. Is it a reasonable schedule?
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  3. Mandy46

    Mandy46 7+ Year Member

    May 7, 2008
    You should check the pre-requisites for the anatomy class at your college; I know my school requires to take the first part of ochem before starting the Anatomy&Physiology series.
  4. Mandy46

    Mandy46 7+ Year Member

    May 7, 2008
    Also the biology series - I had to take a quarter of chemistry before taking my physics class, then I could start the biology may just be my school making it staggered like that, but just to be safe. If you can take it concurrently, then good luck! Just keep focused, because they can get tough, especially if midterms are during the same week and such. Anyways, I was not a very good student, but as long as you put in your hours I'm sure you'll do fine with your schedule!

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