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Hi guys I have a big dillmea here.
I was planning to take anatomy this summer or next summer.
Being said that this class will cost me eight hundred something dollars with
6 hours of lecture + lab hours for 6 weeks. I'm wondering if I should take this class just before I graduate. So my question is

How many human anatomy problems did you encounter?
Do you think I can grasp the material by going over Kaplan books and other reference books?

Please give me your honest feedback, and I would really appreciate it. =)

and do you think completing

Genetics + Ecology + General bio + cell bio + biochem classes will give me decent background to study for D.A.T bio section?


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Jun 19, 2007
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I don't remember any anatomy questions on mine unless it had to do on a microlevel (e.g. a typical cell's make-up). However, I would still suggest you take it because a) you'll have a heads up when you take the class in dental school and b) some dental schools will even let you slide without taking their anatomy if you've taken it previously (you have to speak to the school of course).


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Dec 4, 2007
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I personally don't think they'll go into that much detail on anatomy.

However, the upper level course should help you, especially with understanding the concepts and the applied part of it. The lab techniques you learn should also help. I had one question on histology, it asked me to recognzie what cell type it was. I don't think I would have gotten that one if it wasn't for my chordate developmental class, where we had to look at all the different cross-sections on slides.

If you are a freshman then just wait till you take some upper level classes.

Hope this helps!!!
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