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Jul 23, 2005
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Hi neuro forum,

I have a few neurology sub-internships coming up...does anyone have any recommendations for books to read during my sub-i's? I have read all the basic books (Lange clinical neuro, blueprints neuro, neuro pretest, clinical neuro by Gelb) that are good for the third year neuro clerkship...but would like something a little more advanced...but not 1000s of pages in depth since I probably won't have much time.



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Jun 4, 2002
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I currently have heard from my residents that Blumenfeld's book "Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases" is great for reference (a book that they say will prepare you for neuro residency). It is big 909 pages, lots of pics and sites to download, but won't fit in your pockets unless you have a giant white coat.

Id be glad to hear of suggestions too.


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Mar 30, 2006
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That book would be awesome, and last you well into residency. Not that you could read it all in a month, but a good investment.

I would recommend something really clinically based, like Mass General's handbook. And you can always get a big Merritt's kind of book on Neuro from the library, and buy it later when you are a resident and you have a book fund to cover it. You could look over the important stuff in it as it came up.

If you're really doing a sub-i, you won't have tons of time to read, so pick the common stuff and the stuff you see, and really learn it well. Know you brain vascular territories and spinal cord tracts. Read up on the MS and myasthenia gravis in depth. That kind of stuff.

To be realistic, I would mix the following: A clinical handbook, excerpts from a huge textbook (don't buy it unless you really want it), UpToDate, and recent or landmark articles. If you are in a pinch and don't have a lot of time, UpToDate is your best friend, but then look at the bibliography, and look up some of the source articles. You won't regret learning the skill.