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Feb 28, 2005
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so I am trying to get a neurosurgical research publication and I am offered the opportunity by a neurosurgery resident to write a historical article on a treatment procedure (history of this procedure) that is to be submitted for publication in Journal of Neurosurgery. The resident assures me that it would quickly be accepted for publication. For the purposes of residency application, do you think that an article publication of this type is considered acceptable or equivalent to what's usually deemed a "research publication" or would they just dismiss that as something insignificant. ? I am sooo confused because I am not sure if working on this project is worth my while since I am a third year student.

Somebody please help !!!

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There is no publication that would be insignificant (some more significant than others). If the option is this or nothing, than you should do this.
Thank you mmp !! ............. I appreciate your advice...helps to know that the work would be counted for something...