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Mar 27, 2016
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Just want to compile a list of popular videos that have to do with neurosurgery for everyone's easy reference.

First off,
Neuroarm & iMRI - The Future of Neurosurgery:

Intro by Dr Sutherland, U of Calgary:

Neuroarm in action:
UCLA - The Future of Neurosurgery(a bit about Neuroarm, I think) :

About Neuroarm:

Dr Julie Pilitsis talks about becoming a neurosurgeon and her perspective on gender gap in the field:

More to come later...

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Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol has tons of videos on YouTube of surgical techniques and highlights with some eminent guest surgeon interviews. :)
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This week's feature: Interviews with Neurosurgeons and Residents.

1. Dr Maya Babu, Mayo Clinic
2. Dr Juan Ronderos, Pinnacle Brain and Spine Center

Dr Jeffrey Ojemann, University of Washington
Dr Michael Gorum, Southeast Brain and Spine Surgery
Dr Sean Markey, Parker Adventist Hospital
Dr Joshua Rosenow, Northwestern University
This week's theme - Neuroendoscopy(Minimally-invasive non-traditional surgical procedure applicable for tumours such as of the pituitary gland, pineal and skull base regions).

1. Lecture series by Prof. Schroeder