New Candidacy for Accreditation DPT Program - post graduate job prospects?

May 6, 2020
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I am preparing to start a DPT Program, which I didn't realize after applying on PTCAS that it is a candidate for accreditation. The first cohort will graduate next May. The program anticipates getting accreditation once the first class graduates. I would be part of the third cohort. The school is a private university connected to a hospital, and they are well known for their nursing program. However, this is a huge financial investment.

Should I be concerned at all? I am seeing a few new DPT programs out there. Therefore, this seems to be something that appears to be normal.

I started thinking about post-graduation. Will my job prospects be limited because this program is new?

Thank you!


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Jan 21, 2019
Programs have to start somewhere, and I believe it is all but guaranteed once they get to that phase that they will be approved. The bigger issue for me is the untested curriculum and lack of student feedback that you can get. For example, you don't know that all students hate how they do things one way, or (more importantly) what the boards first time pass rate will be. Faculty should be continuously tweaking the curriculum based on student outcomes and feedback, so there will likely be lots of kinks still to be worked out. However, your class size is likely small and your faculty will be very involved (hopefully). They will likely have a smaller network of clinical sites just because those take time to build/establish. As for getting a job, the job market is pretty good for PTs so I doubt you'll struggle. I don't think PTs care much about school name recognition. You won't have an alumni network, but I don't think that matters much.
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