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ria rao

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Mar 22, 2007
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hi anyone who has appeared for the new format nbde part1 can tell me how is the new format like and why is everyone tellin it is very tough.please let me know.what is the difference between old and new format.

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These questions should be best answered by the Joint Commissions wherever region you belong. Email or call them.I am sure they are more than happy to answer them for you,after all that is their job & got paid for it by the fees you guys paid.
i took my part 1 in new format. still waiting for the result. Only difference - there are 400 mixed questions and around 20% testlets... that's it.
concentrate on kaplan review book, dental decks and released q's papers. this is enough for part 1.
Best of luck to all.
i want to know what is this testlets????
A sample of testlet is posted on ada website in NBDE part 1 exam section.. check it out.
there is a clinical scenario followed by 6-8 questions related to it.
Hai friends,

i am really concerned about the new pattern,i got a score of 88 and i am trying to improve it,but after hearing all this about new pattern ,i am loosing my can anyone post there scores,which will be really encouraging to others and be kind enough to share your experience,we all are in the same boat.ALL THE BEST