Aug 26, 2016
Hello! brand new to this website/ considering being a dentist and would like some advice

For starters, i am a Canadian student who recently left university for nursing. I completed 2 years of this program when i realized it really wasn't for me. When i was in grade 9 i told my guidance counsellor that i wanted to pursue dentistry and she talked me out of it saying it was too hard bla bla and just scared me out of the idea. Now that I am older I really want to work hard and achieve this.

Academic- not the greatest as of right now

Honestly my excuse is i was going through some tough **** (i'll save the sob story for someone who cares) and just wasn't interested in the program so my average is a 72 % I hardly ever studied and would just show up for assignments and tests. I am taking a year off to really consider my options because i don't want to jump into a program again just for the heck it. I will have 2 full years of school to complete my degree (transferring my classes over to go from a Bachelors of Science in Nursing to a Bachelors of Science) and I also plan on taking extra courses each summer to help boost my GPA up, will this be enough time? or should i just get use to the idea of having to do a masters

I feel that i am very well rounded in every other area, I have lots of volunteer hours, have been a foster family for 10 years and work with people who have special needs. Since i completed 2 years of university nursing, i was able to write the practical nursing exam so now i have a nursing diploma and hope to work in the mental health field i think these things will work in my favour (could be totally wrong though)

any advice? i know my grades are going to be my down fall but I'm hoping to pull them up in 2 years and also kill the DAT but again i could be wrong about this so any advice would be wonderful!


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Aug 19, 2014
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I don't know much about Canadian dental schools and how competitive they are but is your GPA salvageable? Based on the posts I've read here, some people need to do masters and some can do a successful GPA repairing by the time they receive their bachelor's degree. Since you have 2 full years plus a couple of summer intersessions, I think you have a chance? It all depends on our GPA.. By 72%, do you mean your GPA is close to C range? 2.0ish? If that's the case, since you've done 2 years, and 2 years remaining plus extra summer courses, if you can manage to get all A's, then it'd be 3.1~3.2? If it's not 2.0ish now, but a bit higher than that, then obviously it'd be higher 3.3~3.4? Just try to get to 3.3 or up and you can decide from there. If that's not enough, you can do post-bacc, SMP, or even a master's. Just work hard for the next 2 years and come back to tell us that you've made it :)
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Aug 26, 2016
in Canada a 72% is around a B which is okay seeing as all i did was show up lol thank you for the advice! honestly i could not figure out what my GPA was seeing as we don't have those. I have no chance of getting into a Canadian school as you need like 89-95% (i think that would be like a 3.9) and i screwed around too long! Thank you again i will let you know in a few years time :)